HAYGAIN hay steamers are a range of scientifically proven hay steamers that eliminate respirable dust in hay and haylage by killing mould spores and bacteria to produce hygienically clean forage.

HAYGAIN will help improve the health, wellbeing and performance of your horse.

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Customer Testimonials
"I feed HAYGAIN steamed hay/haylage for all my horses both at home and when I’m away competing, it just takes away any doubt. Once you have one you cannot do without it. "

Zara Phillips, International Event Rider
"Haygain is a revolution to my top horses feeding habits and condition. My European horse for example struggles to keep in condition over the winter months but the Haygain is encouraging him to eat more forage and keeps him healthy and bright. This is one of the top accessories on my yard and now something I cannot live without."

Guy Williams, International Showjumper
"I saw Haygain a few years ago when I was at the National Hunter Supreme Championship Show and I was highly impressed and thought I must give this a go so arranged a trial. We don't feed any haylage on the yard and although my hay is of the highest quality I had found I did hear an occasional dry cough in the yard. Haygain is great for those of my horses that are fussy eaters as it smells delicious so they go straight to it and eat it really well and has prevented any further dry coughs on the yard."

Katie Jerram, Top show rider and producer
"I'm very pleased I took the decision to invest in HAYGAIN machines. We process over 8 bales of hay a day using 1 full bale unit and take the smaller unit away to competitions all over Europe, which we find essential. The horse's have been free from coughs and nasal discharge, they are healthy and performing well so what more can I ask for? HAYGAIN has been a fantastic company to deal with and has always provided a first class service."

William Fox-Pitt, International Event rider
"The correct feeding regime of our international dressage horses is an important part of our stable management, this has a direct affect on their performance in the arena. I use HAYGAIN to ensure all my horses forage is consistent and clean, free from any respiratory irritants that could affect their performance without losing the nutritional goodness."

Gareth Hughes, International Dressage Rider
"Without the Flexineb I possibly would not have made it to Burghley this year or finished in 6th place. Leonidas had a lower airway infection leading up to burghley and being able to nebulise him each day certainly made a big difference helping to clear up,the problem. The Flexineb was very easy to use and the horse was not upset by it at all. I now use it on all my horses after they have had a long journey to help clear away any mucous that has accumulated after travel. It is now a very useful addition to our training program."

Sir Mark Todd